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About Me


My name is Lainey Greer, and I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I have a PhD in Systematic Theology from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. My writing focuses on a theology of the body, particularly on matters of embodiment, body image and body stewardship. Along with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, I am also certified in personal training and nutrition consulting with 15 years of experience. These, combined with a masters degree in Christian leadership and 10 years spent working in the local church, have given me lots of experience that I hope to use to encourage others.

I’ve always enjoyed working out, but my love for all things fitness grew even more while studying nutrition and exercise in college. At the same time, I started personal training and became passionate about teaching others how to care for their bodies. Then, after years of ministry and seminary, I learned deeper reasons to value the body through my Christian faith and my own personal experiences. Now, I hope my writing will motivate you to care for your body with good nutrition and exercise practices!

My Philosophy

Through this platform, I desire to empower people to steward their bodies to and for the glory of God.  So all of my posts will spring from a biblical worldview but may not always contain religious or Christian elements. My blogging will cover a wide range of topics typically within the areas of Scripture and Christian doctrine along with exercise, nutrition, and more. If learning more about the body and how to take care of it interests you, then I’d love for you to subscribe!

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