At home? Why not workout?

Right now, everyone is coping with abrupt, unexpected change. Creating some kind of normalcy with those regular things you did just two weeks ago will help. Exercise is something that you can continue at home, even if you don’t have access to any equipment. I want to give several different workout suggestions, and for those of you that I’ve trained or have come to my classes at Southern, you might recognize some of them!

First though, since my posts revolve around embodiment, I want to remind you that caring for your body is caring for your soul. If you find yourself anxious and fixated on the latest news updates, do your mind a favor and work your body out.

Make the effort at home now to incorporate some regular workout times. I would also encourage believers to make the most of these extended days around the house. Instead of wasting hours on Netflix, spend extra time in Bible reading and prayer. Our God is sovereign over all things and promises to be a refuge in times of trouble. Being unsure and fearful is natural right now, but if our faith is real, then it should grow in such challenging times.

Christians can also strive to be a source of calm and peace to our unbelieving friends, family, and other believers, even while practicing social distancing. Who knows what kind of spiritual revival God could bring out of these unpredictable times if we submit our worries to him, trust him with the future, and share the hope of the gospel with others.

Now, for the workouts. Some of these are bodyweight only. Some require dumbbells or resistance bands. And for others, you need access to stairs and an area to walk or run. Also, you can increase or decrease the difficulty of many movements by switching to an easier or more challenging version. Examples: Change a plank twist to regular plank, switch a squat for a jump squat, or burpees to up-downs

Workouts with no equipment

1. Complete as many rounds as possible in 8-9 minutes for 3 rounds

15 jump squat 10 plank twists

15 sidekicks 10 full sit-ups

15 shoulder taps 10 knee repeaters

15 1 foot jumps 10 elbow pushups

15 wall sit kicks 10 planks w/ alt. arm raise

2. 4 sets 15 reps

Squat, calf raise, backward walking lunge, 1 minute wide plank

3. Complete as many rounds as possible in two, 7-minute rounds

1st round: 15 froggers, 10 squat jumps, 15 dead bugs

2nd round: 15 lunge jumps, 10 shoulder pushups, 15 seated twists

Workouts needing running/walking/stair access

1. 45 second run with 30 step-ups after each round of 3 sets

Walking lunge and pushup

Plank twist and bent over T row

Side squat and lateral raise

2. 6 rounds - 15 second sprint, 7 burpees, 30 seconds on stairs, 7 squats

Next core work: Hold each 25 seconds for 2-3 rounds

Bicycle, hollow hold, side plank (each side), superman hold, plank foot tap, leg raise

3. Complete as many rounds as you can of both exercises in 4-5 minutes

1 lap and 10 burpees

15 squat and 10 plank V ups

15 dumbbell clean to press and 10 dead bug

10 inchworms and 10 Frankensteins

15 wall sit calf raises and 15 mountain climbers

Workouts with dumbbell or resistance band access

1. Goblet squat, alternating chest press, leg press up

Split squat, alternating bent-over row, superman swimmer

Z press, reverse curl, mountain climber

2. Romanian deadlift, alternating lunge, calf raise

Chest press, chest fly, triceps kickback

Bent over row, reverse fly, upright row

3. Lower: back lunge to 1 leg deadlift (do reps on one side & switch), squat to calf raise

Core: plank bird dog and butterfly sit up

Upper: chest press, 1 arm row, skull crusher, hammer curl

Core: seated twist and plank shift

If you’re not sure what some of these movements are, google can help out.

For reps and sets, unless I’ve indicated otherwise, stick to 3 sets of 12 or 15 reps.

Get your family or neighbors involved in these workouts too!! I hope this helps you during extended times at home. And if you’re bored, feel free to read through my other blog posts on all things embodiment!